miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

Joy and Expectation

On Saturday February 12th, two prisoners of conscience, Héctor Maseda and Angel Moya, were released from Cuban jails after 8 years of imprisonment. They are bothmembers of the ‘Group of 75’ that were imprisoned after theCubangovernment’s2003 crackdown against opposition known as ‘Primavera Negra’. However, seven other political prisoners from this group still remain in jail, some of them seriously ill.

The Global Cuba Solidarity Movement shares the happiness felt by these Cuban families who are now rejoicing in the long-awaited return of their loved ones.

These men belong to the ‘Group of 75’ independent journalists, trade unionists and opposition members who were arrested in 2003 by the Cuban regime. They were tried without due process, and sentenced to long prison terms, despite being unquestionably innocent. They have already suffered almost 8 years of unjust imprisonment, mistreatment and abuse, even though they have never committed any crime.

In Cuba, citizens are sometimes imprisonedfor just disagreeing with the regime or expressing their views publicly. For these reasons, the Global Cuba Solidarity Movement joins the international community in demanding the release of the political prisoners who are unjustly still in jail, and calls for more individuals and organizations to support this cause and request the release of the prisoners.

The Global Cuba Solidarity Movement is comprised of organizations and individuals around the world who support freedom for Cubans through a democratic transition. The Movement is aimed at increasing the international consciousness and support for the growing Cubanpro-democracy movement. Through these efforts, Cubans on the island who are fighting for their freedom know that they matter to the world and their cause is believed in. This will help them move forward.

Don’t be indifferent. Your voice counts.

For more information about the Global Cuba Solidarity Movement, please visit: www.solidaridadcuba.org or write to info@solidaridadcuba.org

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