martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Group of 75 in solidarity with Fariñas

52 Cuban opponents of the "Group of 75", victims of the known as the Black Spring of 2003, most of them still in prison, on Tuesday supported the hunger strike for 13 days leads out independent journalist Guillermo Farinas and condemned the killing of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

"We are deeply moved Fariñas sacrifice by staying on hunger strike demanding the release of those who are sickest. We have repeatedly expressed our concern that is putting his life in danger ", the signatories said.

According to the signatories, if the president Raúl Castro "has recognized the need for structural and conceptual changes, and has repeatedly raised issues that we denounced" is much more absurd and monstrous "our stay in prison."

The statement, signed by 43 inmates and 9 released for health reasons, draws attention to the fact that there may be more deaths of political prisoners.

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